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Our approach to winemaking aims above all to allow our grapes to express their maximum potential. They are treated with great care and minimum interference. Grapes handling is reduced to its minimum and chemical products are virtually unknown.

Following a manual harvest, the grapes are selected, destemmed and placed in concrete tanks. Fermentation is achieved by yeasts that are native to our vineyards, and naturally present on the grapes. Extraction of colour and tannins is accomplished as gently as possible within ten days of daily “remontage” (wine is drawn from the bottom of the tank and pumped up to the top). On all our Syrah batches and some Grenache ones we use a method known as “pigeage” (pushing the skins back down into the fermenting wine). The process of maceration then lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

Two techniques in producing our rosé are used. - The "saignée" or bleeding method : right after harvesting and tanking, part of the juice is taken away after 10 hours of maceration (on average). This part is then clarified and fermented separately at a temperature monitored at 20°C to give Rose. - "Pressurage direct" or direct pressing is a technic that give juice for Rose out of partially destemmed grapes. The juice is then treated in the same condition as for the saignee one.

The grapes are harvested into small containers, and pressed slowly without being destemmed. The juice is clarified and fermented in 600 liter barrels at temperatures maintained at 20°C.

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